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    Ste 206,
    Pflugerville, TX 78660
  • Tel: 512-251-2437


Mon - Sat:9:30 am - 7:30 pm
Sunday:11:00 am - 6:30 pm


By accessing this website/salon you are agreeing to be bound with these salon/website terms and conditions of use, all applicable law and regulations, and agree you are responsible for the compliance with any applicable local laws, if you don’t agree with these terms you are prohibited from using our website, social platforms, salon facilities and services.

Our service providers/ techs/ salon MAY NOT perform services if the licensee has a reason to believe that the client has a contagious and/or different condition than normal.

Our services providers/techs/ salon MAY NOT perform services if the clients presume or have any evidence to be intoxicated or under any kind of influence, using a profane vocabulary, disrespecting in any type our facilities, services providers, or clientele is absolutely not allow in our salon/ social platforms, website.

Special considerations/special services

Please be sure to inform us (prior to receiving any of our services) regarding any health conditions that may complicate our services or requires for our professional team to follow different protocols


Our services are reserved for you and other clients for a total relaxation. For this reason and for insurance liability, no small children please unless being serviced. They must be supervised and well behaved during the service time, to help us to provide you and the other visitors an amazing experience in our salon children running, screaming and crying are not accepted in our salon, Thank you.

Right of refusal

TH BEST NAILS salon/ service providers reserve the right to refuse service to any client.


We ask our guest, clientele, visitors, management, and everyone visiting our salon to RESPECT DIVERSITY

Profane vocabulary, rude attitude are not allowed in our salon this is a family oriented salon and we would like to keep our environment as peaceful as possible, clients must respect service providers, so service providers must respect clients.


Services provide with regular polish have 1-day warranty after the original day of service, all REDOS must be done with the same color as the original visit/ service changing the color may be an extra charge.

Gel services have 5 days warranty only will be RE-DO during the limit of these days at no client expense with the same color at the original visit.

Polish/ gel colors

Be sure that the polish/ gel color that you choose is the color that you want, we want you to have TH BEST NAILS and experience at our shop that is why we ask to do the right choice while picking your color if for some reason you don’t like the color while the tech start polishing please stop the tech and grab another color, if you desired to wait until the end of your service we may charge for an extra polish change.

Acrylics/ Dipping Powders services

Acrylic enhancements and or dipping powders are bonded/ glued to your natural nails they are NOT becoming a part or your body for then they must be treated carefully while you're wearing it, our acrylics warranty in 5 days after the original date of service. Any repair after this warranty period must be charge at the client expense.


Is a beauty service providers we are not allowed to over trim cuticles, calluses or ingrown nails, we are not using blades, razors, cheese grater, or any type of implement that cuts/trims skin other than those allowed by the State, NO EXCEPTIONS YOUR SAFETY IS FIRST. Is not warranty in callus care we invite our clientele to do home care and or little TLC at home, as we mentioned before we are not allowed to trim calluses and we are not warrantying to remove it, the best you can do for your feet is moisturizing with products specifically made for your feet

Thick Nails and conditions

As Beauty service providers we have limitations and specific tools if for any condition your nails are extremely thick we may request for you to visit a podiatric physician, for your own safety.

Wax services

Are provided with how wax and may create an allergic reaction, leave some redness in your skin, which may need an extra home care after service, TH BEST NAILS is not responsible for any type of skin irritation, breakage, or allergic reaction.

Facial services

TH BEST NAILS is not responsible for any allergic reaction, redness in your skin or breakage after facial service in our salon.


We are not liable for any skin breakage, allergic reaction, permanent damage of any kind, microblanding is a service that requires some punctuation at the dermis of the skin in case of infections or complications TH BEST NAILS has no liability or responsibility for this reaction or future consequences.

Complimentary drinks

Our clients/ guest are allow to have a free drink while the getting a service, our salon team members, management have the right to limit or refuse the use of drinks or alcoholic drink, also to verify that the person requesting an alcoholic drink as a legal age to do this in the state of Texas.

Cellphone and electronic devices use.

We ask you kindly to limit the cell phone use and electronics devices while visiting our salon, while you receiving the service. Our guest comes to our salon to relax please moderate your tone of voice.


Privacy is very important for us and our clientele we ask you kindly to request permission for our staff and guests in the salon before taking pictures.


As much our team loves our furry friends they are not allowed by the Texas rules and regulations, only service animals will be allowed on our premises.

Personal property

TH BEST NAILS team, staff and or management is not responsible for your personal property that must be supervised for you during the whole time of the visit to our shop. We are not responsible for forgotten objects, property in our salon

TH BEST NAILS SALON is not responsible if for some reason your nails present any type of changes in your natural nails we fulfill and apply state rules and regulations in sanitation and sterilization with our salon furniture, facilities, tools and implements fungal conditions could be created by different conditions. If you are receiving services in our salon your agree with this rule.

Our clientele, visitors and or team members experience and safety is our salon is extremely important, that is why every day our salon management is working to make this TH BEST NAILS salon in town, we appreciate your feedback and support to us.

Any questions, complaints or inquiries please send it at:

1615 Grand avenue parkway

Pflugerville Texas 78660